Workplace Accidents

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A workplace accident can leave an injured employee without an income for weeks or months. In some instances, the individual becomes totally or partially disabled because of an on-the-job injury and is unable to work at all or can no longer perform his or her previous job. It is important for persons injured on the job to learn about their options and rights so they can protect themselves and their families.

At the Cambridge law firm of Gregg, Hunt, Ahern & Embry, we assist clients who were injured while working. We work closely with clients to learn how the injury affected them and their families. We explore all sources of compensation that might be available. We consult with well-respected specialists in fields such as medicine, safety, engineering, career counseling and vocational training to learn how the injury occurred and whether our client will be able to return to work.

Examples of Workplace Injury Cases

Our law firm handles all types of workplace accident cases. Because construction is one of the most dangerous industries, many of our workplace accident clients are construction workers. However, we also represent individuals who were hurt while working in manufacturing plants, warehouses, offices and government agencies.

There are several ways that injured employees may be able to receive compensation. They can seek workers’ compensation benefits, file a third-party injury claim or apply for disability benefits. In some instances, they can receive benefits from multiple sources. Our attorneys help workers injured on the job determine how to proceed.

Gregg, Hunt, Ahern & Embry has helped its clients recover millions of dollars for workplace accident cases.

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