Forklift Injuries

Forklifts are a common sight on construction projects and in warehouse settings. They are an important part of making difficult jobs easier and more efficient. However, when they are operated improperly, serious injuries can occur. At the law firm of Gregg, Hunt, Ahern & Embry, our Boston forklift accident lawyers help injured victims and family members pursue the compensation they deserve in order to aid with their recovery and move forward with their lives.

Working Hard to Maximize Your Compensation

Our Cambridge personal injury lawyers have extensive experience handling construction accidents. We will explore all potential avenues of compensation. If a forklift driver was improperly trained or not authorized to use a forklift, the employer may have some liability. In some cases, an equipment failure may have been the main cause of the accident, in which case we can pursue a third-party claim for a defective product. You can rest assured that we will thoroughly investigate what led to the accident to ensure that all responsible parties are held accountable.

When the attorneys at Gregg, Hunt, Ahern & Embry pursue the maximum amount of compensation, it is so our clients can get the financial help they need in order to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and for any pain and suffering they may have endured. Tragically, some accidents may prove to be fatal, in which case we can help family members file a wrongful death claim. We understand that no amount of compensation can replace the loss of a loved one. However, we can send a message that negligent acts will not be tolerated.

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