Negligent Security

Boston Negligent Security Lawyers

When property owners negligently fail to provide adequate security, individuals who were harmed as a result may be able to obtain damages. At the Cambridge law firm, Gregg, Hunt, Ahern & Embry, we help victims of assaults, robberies and other crimes that occurred because of property owner negligence.

Our attorneys are known for the personal attention and care we offer our clients. We spend the time to learn the full story of the attack. We consult with experts in fields such as medicine, law enforcement, psychology and rehabilitation, and investigate the property and its owner to learn about any previous incidents. We prepare our cases thoroughly, whether we anticipate a jury trial, an arbitration or settlement negotiations.

Crimes Resulting From Negligent Security

We advocate for clients who were injured because negligent security led to:

  • Robbery
  • Rape
  • Assault
  • Homicide

When crimes such as these occur because of burned-out or inadequate lights, broken fences or unlocked doors, a negligent security claim may be warranted. When a mall or apartment building in a high-crime area does not have properly trained security guards, victims may have a case. These can be complex cases that require the skills of a knowledgeable liability lawyer. Clients can rely on the experience and abilities of our attorneys to build the strongest possible case.

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