Truck Driver DUI and Drug Use

The use of alcohol and drugs while behind the wheel of a truck is unacceptable, often resulting in catastrophic truck accidents and devastating injuries. As professionals, truck drivers are held to a higher standard in these situations and need to be held accountable for the injuries and damages they cause.

Attorneys for Drunk Truck Driver Accidents

At Gregg, Hunt, Ahern & Embry, our personal injury and wrongful death lawyers skillfully pursue the rights of truck accident victims and families. Our approach in these matters is informed by our extensive trial experience, our knowledge of personal injury law and our dedication to obtaining the best possible compensation for our clients.

Whether our attorneys try cases in state or federal courts, negotiate settlements with insurance companies or advocate for clients during alternative dispute resolution sessions, our law firm stands by our clients from the start of their cases through any necessary appeals.

Sources of Compensation

People injured by drunk or drug-influenced truck drivers in Massachusetts have the ability to file lawsuits under the Commonwealth’s dram shop laws which hold third parties liable for the injuries caused by drunk drivers. These laws pertain to bars, taverns, restaurants, clubs and other establishments that serve obviously intoxicated persons. This is in addition to compensation that can be obtained from the insurance policies held by truck drivers and trucking companies.

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