Driver Fatigue

The reason most often cited for truck accidents is driver fatigue and drowsiness. Fatigued truckers are unable to properly operate their vehicles which can lead to improper lane changes, drifting and running other cars off the road. When accidents happen involving trucks, they often cause severe and fatal injuries to the drivers and passengers of other vehicles.

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When injuries are sustained in accidents caused by fatigued truck drivers, injured parties should look into their legal options, including seeking compensation from truck drivers, trucking companies and their insurance companies. At Gregg, Hunt, Ahern & Embry, our attorneys are informed by our extensive trial experience, our knowledge of personal injury law and our dedication to seeking the best possible results for clients.

Regulations for Truck Drivers

Federal regulations govern the number of hours truck drivers are permitted to work in a 24-hour period as well as the number of hours they are required to be off-duty. These regulations are often violated by trucking companies that pressure their drivers to work longer hours in order to produce greater profits. This is sometimes accomplished by keeping inaccurate logbooks.

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