Driver Training

One of the most troubling aspects of MBTA accidents is that drivers operating the T subways, trains, trolleys or buses are often not properly trained. As professionals who operate in public and provide transportation services to our communities, they are held to higher standards and need to be properly trained in order to avoid causing accidents and injuries.

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If you were injured while riding an MBTA vehicle or hurt in an accident caused by an MBTA vehicle, you have several legal options, including filing insurance claims and seeking compensation under Massachusetts tort law from the MBTA itself. To learn more, call 617-494-1920 to schedule a free initial consultation with Gregg, Hunt, Ahern & Embry.

Our attorneys possess the trial experience and deep knowledge of personal injury law necessary to pursue compensation for injury victims in these motor vehicle cases. We can advise you about your eligibility and ensure that your lawsuit is filed in accordance with relevant time limits unique in cases filed against the T

Training of MBTA Drivers

Lack of training, or drivers in need of additional training, is not a secret. In fact, the MBTA recently introduced new training involving the use of cell phones by its drivers, prohibiting them from even possessing a cell phone while operating an MBTA vehicle.

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