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Burn injuries are among the most painful injuries. Victims must often endure excruciating pain, multiple surgeries and skin grafts, and a very long recovery period. The injured person may be highly vulnerable to infection. Burn injuries leave scars that seldom can be fully corrected with cosmetic surgery. The psychological damage can be as painful as the physical damage. If the victim is seriously disfigured as a result of the burns, he or she may experience a range of emotional hardships.

At Gregg, Hunt, Ahern & Embry, we help clients with serious burn injuries. We build strong cases for compensation, consulting with burn experts, fire experts, vocational experts and life care planners to determine the extent of the injury and the liable parties. Our lawyers also calculate the full cost of lifetime care and treatment, lost wages and other damages that can have a significant effect on the victim and his or her family.

Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can result from:

Survivors of incidents such as these may also suffer inhalation injuries in addition to burns to the skin. Inhaling heat, toxins and smoke can kill or otherwise leave permanent damage to the lungs and other internal organs.

We work closely with our clients and their families, spending the time needed to learn about their situations. We are known for being compassionate and sensitive attorneys who keep our clients’ best interests firmly before us. We determine whether the best legal strategy is to try the case, submit an insurance claim or participate in settlement talks. We employ the approach most likely to help the client achieve his or her goals.

In our almost thirty years of experience we have helped burn injury clients recover millions of dollars.

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