Spinal Cord Injuries

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When thinking of spinal injuries, people usually assume that the result will be paraplegia or quadriplegia. However, injury to the spinal cord can cause other conditions and illnesses. The most common is persistent back pain, numbness in the extremities, gait changes and bowel and bladder problems.

At the Cambridge law firm of Gregg, Hunt, Ahern & Embry, we help clients who suffered spinal cord injuries because of another’s negligence. We use our knowledge of injury law in Massachusetts, our years of trial experience and our determination to obtain relief for our injured clients to build strong cases. We also work with medical experts, physical therapists, vocational specialists and accident investigators. These professionals help us determine how the accident occurred, the party responsible, and the financial and emotional costs of the catastrophic injury to our client.

Pain and reduced function after a spinal injury can be the result of nerve damage, herniated disks, bone displacement and partial spinal cord breaks. Victims are often subjected to multiple diagnostic tests to determine the root cause of the condition; they may face surgery to correct the problem. Many people need significant physical therapy to recover; in some instances, unfortunately, a full recovery is not possible.

Causes of Spine Injuries

Our lawyers assist clients who suffered spinal cord injuries in accidents such as:

We spend time so that they can tell their full stories. We help them identify their goals and articulate their needs. We try their cases before juries in state and federal court and undertake appeals whenever necessary. We help them file the appropriate claim(s) with their insurance companies and are their vigorous advocates in settlement talks and negotiations.

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