Head and Brain Injuries

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Head and brain injuries can be immediately catastrophic, rendering a victim disabled for life. These injuries can also be subtle, leaving the injured person with elusive symptoms that weeks and months later result in serious mental impairment. The consequences can include reductions in language, reasoning and decision-making abilities. The injured person may become unable to work at all or may be unable to perform adequately in his or her current job. Head and brain injuries can also result in personality alterations that can influence relationships with friends and family.

These cognitive and emotional changes can lead to profound disruptions in an injured person’s life. At Gregg, Hunt, Ahern & Embry, our trial lawyers help clients who suffered head and brain injuries as the result of another’s negligence. We rely on our years of trial experience, our knowledge of Massachusetts personal injury law and our ability to build strong, fact-based cases. We also consult extensively with a variety of highly-regarded experts and specialists who help us determine the identity of the liable party and the effect the injury will have on our client’s life.

Causes of Head and Brain Injuries

We handle cases involving head injuries resulting from:

Our lawyers work closely with clients and their families to determine the goals and needs of the injured person and develop the legal strategy most likely to obtain the desired results. We are vigorous advocates for our injured clients at trial in state or federal court, during negotiations with the insurance company or in settlement talks with the liable party.

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